Monday, May 28, 2007

Attention Contact Lens Users! (Updated again)

I just found out about a voluntary recall by the company who makes Complete Moisture Plus contact lens solution. They are recalling it because of patients who have developed a rare eye infection. This is the lens solution that I use and I just went to the doctor yesterday for a problem of pain in my eye.

No word if solution bought in Canada is affected by the recall. Just want to be cautious and get the word out!

Update 1: Financial Post (through Reuters) has published the story but with no new information. I've called AMO Canada and there is no information on their automated voice mail system.

I've been having trouble finding information because the same company recalled the same product in November. Therefore, information online (such as lot numbers) is outdated, only posting the ones they recalled in November. It seems that there has been a dramatic increase in the eye infection Acanthamoeba kertitis with over 50 per cent of people using AMO Moisture Plus products

The company also put in the recall late Friday of a long weekend in the USA, so more information will likely be slow going. It should also be pointed out that Bausch and Lomb did a "voluntary market withdrawl" of their contact lens solution last April. In any case, I won't be wearing my contact lenses for a little while.

If you have any of the following symptoms it is advised you see a health care provider: Eye pain, eye redness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, sensation of something in the eye, or excessive tearing.

Update 2: Ok, I called AMO Canada (1-866-863-3873 or 905-305-3300) and they are affected by the recall as well. If you want a refund for your products call this number 1-888-899-9183 to get a retun kit to you. They will ask you to spell your name, address etc... because it's USA they ask you to use to key pad to put in your zip code, so just make sure you say your postal code after you give your city and province.

I also had a medical question but because it's Memorial Day in the US I couldn't get through to speak with anyone. Your best bet it to see your Canadian doc :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

4000lbs 20,000lbs of Nuts Delivered to CBS

UPDATE: Not only have 20,000lbs (over $27,000 worth) of nuts been ordered or already sent to CBS, but Jericho fans have also raised over $8000 to have two ads: one in Variety magazine AND one in Hollywood Reporter. The ads were organized by a dude from Oakville and will come out on Tuesday of next week! Talk about dedication!!! I hope it works, but it looks like CBS isn't budging. :-( Perhaps there is another reason it was cancelled other than for money/profit.....

Wow! This is craziness! A little background information.

Ok, Jericho was a new show this year on CBS that aired Wednesdays at 8pm. It's about what happens to the people of Jericho, Kansas after a multiple nuclear attack on numerous cities in America. The show is very exciting because the viewer is as much in the dark about what's going on as are the characters. We watched throughout the season as we slowly got pieces of the puzzle learning about our characters' pasts.

Many people compare it to Lost, but I've never seen the show, so I have no idea if it's similar. Anyway, I don't often get into TV shows, especially new ones (I'm happy with my Law & Order reruns). But this one grabbed me. It was just so interesting to watch how people reacted when money and cars become useless and we're back in the day to trader/barter and horses are a commodity. I found the show to be intellectual interesting and while the script sometimes was on the corny side and almost impossible scenarios were solved in an hour, I still liked it a lot.

I was very disappointed when it was announced this week that Jericho would not be on the fall line up. It was said that ratings slipped from 10M viewers down to 6M or so. The problem was, CBS thought it would be like other shows like Lost or Stargate and take a mid-season break. But with not showing reruns during this time this didn't work out.

Well, fans have started a Save Jericho campaign. Faxing, emailing, snail mailing, calling CBS, network affiliates, media etc... in an effort to get Jericho a second season. Fans are also upset because the season finale was actually the series finale, but it was a big cliff hanger. This is where the nuts come in.

In the last episode Jericho is in conflict with a neighbouring (larger) town. They are outnumbered and outgunned. In creating strategy, one of the characters recounts the family's deceased grandfathers tactics in WWII. Without trying to explain the whole scene I will just say this, the one-word reply on a radio was "Nuts".

So now Jericho fans have organized. Believe or not CBS is helping the organization because fans are using the Jericho CBS message board. Fans have starting sending nuts to the two CBS programming execs. have started keeping track and so far $5000 in nuts have been purchased in the past few days. Just today alone 2200lbs of nuts have been ordered and it's not even 11am! This is madness! (Or maybe just nuts)! I've done my share.

I hope it works though! It's funny because fans are using the show and its promotional material to support their cause. Another example, the big mystery in the show is: Who Dropped the Bombs? The catch phrase was used on the Jericho website. Now fans have done this: