Tuesday, October 31, 2006


All growing up parents have told you "don't talk to strangers", don't go to people's houses that you don't know and don't eat too much junk food. On planet Earth they are supposed to break all these rules all in one night.

On this night people groom themselves in very different ways. Some wearing costumes of a frightful nature, while others have costumes bearing a sexual fantasy. Often these costumes are for adolescents and upwards. The night is really for the children, or 'ghosts' and 'goblins' as one poem as which refered them. Adults get jealous of this initiation period and wish that they could attend Costume or Hallowe'en parties.

Our anthropologists have studied the customary ritual of Hallowe'en night and one thoery suggests that this culture was very uncomfortable being in their own skin and thus dawned masks and costumes to show their true selves.

We have found one preserved costume this period. It was a black hood with a white faced scream as picture to the left. Since this is very much similar to the famous artwork of 'The Scream", we can determine that this culture was very much interested in artwork and had gret respect for the artist.

The mantra that is repeated by the children all night long "trick or treat". Our scientists are analyzing if this was a ritual inititive done to all children each year. If one passed the initiation, they were given a treat. They were to test themselves numerous times that evening perhaps attending 50 or 100 houses. What they were testing themselves for, however, has yet to be determined. Children often desired to go to the bigger homes in their city in order to receive, what they thought would be a tougher initiation but with more rewards. At such a young age they were calculated the risks. This was a smart culture, who taught their children well.

Once the children return to the safe places of their homes they took part in one last ritual which was what we have determined to be called "the trade". This word has many connotations in the English language, but our anthropologists are confident they will determine what it all means.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


So, at first I was going to sleep tonight. But with this so vivid in my memory. I think I will pass....*shudders* I think scientists should be figuring out how we can live the circle of life WITHOUT spiders. You know what, while they are at it, figure out how to get rid of misquitos, black flies, forget it, all annoying insects GONE. I will donate money to that cause! Who's with me?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Doggy-gate Won't Die and I'm Tired of It

It's been over a week since the whole dog incident in the house, and I'm getting tired of it.

Canadianna has an excellent poem that summarizes the incident. I agree that you don't actually 'hear' anything until the words are put down and your brain fills in the details.

I'm getting tired that the opposition and the media won't let it go. But what would the Conservatives do if the tables were reversed? If the Liberals were in power and the Conservatives were in oppostition, would we (Conservatives, conservative bloggers) let it go? Probably not, BUT the difference is, we would not get the media coverage that the liberals got on it. And of course reverse discrimination is alright, because if it was Belinda calling McKay a dog this wouldn't have even made the A section of a newspaper.

Even though the Speaker of the House ruled that you cannot hear the remark being made, I'm also getting tired of McKay denies saying the whole thing ever happened. Would the Liberals make this up? We know they are really good at lying and deceiving but do they truly have the brains to make this one up. IMHO I think McKay did say what the media/Liberals said, and I think it was stupid for McKay to continue to deny it. Yes, he didn't call Belinda a dog, because the words "dog" and "Belinda" never past his mouth. However he needs to act like a man and stop wearing his heart on his sleeve, let it go and move on. She left you and the conservatives. We know she's a terrible person with zero morals, but Peter you're not looking any better.

Friday, October 20, 2006

McKay and His Dog....

I almost spit out my coffee this morning. I was opening my email, clicking on the headlines to read from the Globe and Mail. The second top story was about Peter McKay's "school yard bully" incident:

The incident occurred as Environment Minister Rona Ambrose was defending her new clean-air program from Liberal accusations that it does nothing concrete for the environment.

Liberal MP David McGuinty taunted Mr. MacKay, suggesting that if the Conservatives do not care about the health of people, they should care about the health of animals. Mr. McGuinty demanded to know: "Don't you care about your dog?"

Mr. MacKay, who dated Ms. Stronach when she was a Conservative, heckled back: "You already have her."

Mr. MacKay clearly gestured with his hand to Ms. Stronach's empty seat on the Liberal benches, Mr. McGuinty told reporters later.

To be honest, I thought his comment was hilarious and demonstrates his ability to think on his feet. I wasn't choking on my coffee for McKay's comment. I was laughing at the pathetic Globe and Mail article:

The Foreign Affairs Minister left the House almost immediately. He was travelling home to Nova Scotia late in the day and his office said he was not available for comment.

Ms. Stronach was meeting with child-poverty groups in Montreal and was not in the House at the time, Liberal officials said. She learned about the incident during her drive back to Ottawa, when she received a number of phone calls from colleagues.

She later issued a statement through her office, saying: "I am really disappointed that Peter MacKay would say something like that."

Linda Trimble, chair of the political science department at the University of Alberta, called Mr. MacKay's comments "unduly personal and mean-spirited."

Prof. Trimble, who specializes in Canadian and gender studies, said the remarks demonstrate the continued need for an organization such as the now-defunct Association of Women Parliamentarians, a group dedicated to cleaning up language in Parliament as well as to issues such as daycare.

Someone please explain to me the need to find a University professor to comment on this? Is this supposed to make the journalist's article more credible? She goes on:

She said she was heartened by the reaction of MPs who criticized Mr. MacKay and brought the incident to the notice of the Speaker. Nonetheless, harassing remarks are too often tolerated in legislatures across the country, and those who utter controversial remarks often receive little more than a slap on the wrist from the Speaker, she said.

Lol Come on! This is the parliamentary system. You're supposed to heckle! It was quite a good zinger!

Ms. Stronach, 40, was an Ontario business executive when she entered federal politics as a Conservative with an unsuccessful run for that party's leadership two years ago. Her romantic relationship with Mr. MacKay, 41, a long-time Conservative from Nova Scotia, ended 17 months ago when she crossed the floor to sit as a Liberal and become a cabinet minister.

At the time of the breakup, Mr. MacKay found solace at his family's farm where he was photographed digging potatoes and petting his dog. "Dogs are loyal," he said.

As long "as the world turns" we realize that we have "one life to live". So to "all my children", who are "bold and beautiful" know that for all the "days of our lives" we can count on the journalistic crap that comes out of our media.

My question is, does McKay even have a dog. I think McGuinty was setting him up for this and unfortunately McKay took the bait. The Liberals and the media will find anyway to make the Conservatives look back, blowing the smallest things out of proportion. This Globe and Mail article should not be on the front page. I really thought I was reading the National Inquirer...or the Star/Sun