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Women's Lives and Health are Favoured Over Mens' in This Country

In my blog I often discuss the unfair treatment of men and women in this country. This letter in The Recond reinforces everything I've been saying with an excellent example (Thanks Joanne for alerting me about this):

I have been reading a lot in the news about whether we should have a two-tiered medical system -- hello, it is already here! There is one system for women and one for men.

Why are annual Pap tests and mammograms for women covered under our current medical system and the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood tests to detect prostate cancer in men cost $30?

Today, I read that we are spending $83 million to vaccinate young girls for cervical cancer. What is not two-tiered about all this? Does anyone realize that prostate cancer is not an old man's disease anymore and it is becoming more prevalent in younger men and one in seven men will get prostate cancer?

Yes, it is a curable cancer but only if it is caught in an early stage. One of the best indicators is the PSA blood screening. Prostate cancer is fast becoming a silent killer of men. And also, the loss of breasts is devastating but how about what men can lose with removal of the prostate -- including their lives?

I know all this because I am a prostate cancer "victim" as was my father and grandfather. This was diagnosed by my annual PSA test as the anal exam did not indicate a problem. And guess what? Now that I am a "victim" as they classify me, my ongoing PSA test is covered if I go to the cancer clinic to have it done. We need to realize that this test needs to be covered under our medical program now.

Oh yes, my ongoing treatments for curing my cancer will be covered under our medical system and in my case I took the preventive measures. What about those who do not because of the cost? Let's level the playing field here. Annual PSA blood tests need to be covered under our medical system.

And guys: This is no longer your "father's disease." Discuss this on your annual visit with the doctor, get tested and pressure our government to make this important test covered under our medical program.

Tom Sutherland

Wasaga Beach

Hat Tip: Joanne's Journey


One more thing though that pissing me off. It's the way men are portrayed in the media. Two examples:

Example 1: Those stupid Whiskas commercials. Sure you've seen then, and I'm sure you've laughed just as I did. But I've been thinking about it realized that they would never ever reverse those roles and have acting in the same way, it's only funny when we make fun of men. According to market research however:

Bruce Miller, director of marketing for Whiskas, said the company's consumer research showed that the cat-owner relationship is different from the relationship with any other animal. With dogs, the owner is in charge. With cats, it's the cat thats in the driver's seat. "We had women in the focus group say. If my husband behaved that way, I wouldn't put up with it. But my cat does, and I love him for it."

Example 2: A sequel for Daddy Day Care is Daddy Day Camp, another example that makes men look completely incompetant, completely unable to take care of children. What great role models men have...


Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said...

Time for the pendulum to swing back to centre now.

Wed Aug 08, 03:15:00 PM EDT  

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