Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why Women make $0.70 of a "man's" $1.00

At a very liberal university I often experienced a weekly dose (read: shove down my throat) about the discrimination in Canada's society.

Margaret Wente brings up this issue but offers a different answer than the same old "discrimination" or "sexist" card.

Why, after all these years, does the pay gap persist?

The AAUW knows why. Pay discrimination, it says, is still a serious and systemic problem. Statscan has another explanation. Women tend to choose careers in health care and education - lower-paid, public-sector fields - while men choose commerce, computer sciences and engineering.

So please, would the social organizations who constantly use the women's $0.70 of a man's $1.00 stat please use some common sense and consider other variables than income levels?

Another issue that was brought up in university classes was racial discrimination. I was "taught" that gender and racial discrimination is often "invisible" or "systemic". But when I bring up the issue that how do we critique or evaluate something if it is "invisible" my prof changed subjects and couldn't answer my question.

I'd like someone to answer another question I have. Why is it that my partner (a Caucasian male) with two university degrees and 5 years of work experience as a bank manager has sent out over fifty resumes/job applications for managerial positions and has received only three job interviews? (One of these interviews the was at a hotel bar and the interviewer was really two interviews)

One answer to why is that the job application process is all online and for many of the jobs to which he's applying he must answer the questions "Are you female/male" "are you a visible minority" before you can submit the application. Thought the questions were illegal? So did I.

These are especially prevalent for administrative/managerial jobs to which he's applying at Universities (positions which are actually dominated by women actually). For example, at Trent U the Chancellor is female, the President is female, the Dean (we only have one) is female the Registrar is female, etc... etc... etc.... Oh yeah, and 75% of students are female as well. (Would it surprise you that Trent does not have an Engineering program?) But somehow there are female only weight room hours when men are the minority?

Am I a visible minority because I'm a red head? Or consider my two friends. One is 1/2 Native but looks like a WASP while my other friend's heritage is European but has facial characteristics of an Asian or Native person. The bottom line is, these questions are irrelevant to how well a person can perform the job.

On the other hand, maybe it has nothing to do with this.

Perhaps my boyfriend can't get a decent interview because of those darn Capital One commercials that give a negative light to bankers.


Blogger PGP said...

The wage gap issue is pure baloney!

I have defied anyone and everyone for years to show me a case of a woman with equal or better education with a comparable work record who actually does the same job as a male counterpart ... who was being paid less!

To date I have yet to be shown any example of this!

The studies that are used to support the wage gap argument always ignore the factors of who is doing what work, what the educational background is and work performance.

Thu Jun 14, 03:43:00 PM EDT  

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