Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Farewell Frank and Gordon

First there was the untimely demise of Joe (I AM) Canadian, then we said "bye, bye Mr. Canadian Tire guy..." Now, we must say farewell to another prominent Canadian icon...the Bell Beavers.

Sure, I loved them when the first came out...but that one beaver's voice (haven't a clue which one) drives me crazy! And so, Frank and Gordon, from the land of Bell have officially retired.

I am sure that in 10-20 years the images of these characters will return and I will reminisce to the tune of "I remember those beavers..."

My prediction of the next corporate "mascot" to retire.......the Montana's Moose and Buck.


Blogger Raphael Alexander said...

Thank God they're gone. Norm Macdonald is going to have to find a new job.

Thu Aug 07, 12:45:00 AM EDT  

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