Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bizarre Human Customs: Safe Injection Sites

Author note: I couldn't resist talk about this issue....On vacation

In the year 5000 CE archaeologists and anthropologists are investigating the civilization known as Canada circa around 2000CE. One discovery has puzzled anthropologists for months. The discovery was evidence of what this society referred to as "In-site." Newspaper articles were discovered in a well-preserved time capsule.

“In-site” was also known as a “safe-injection site” was a place in the city of Vancouver where people, addicted to illegal drugs were able to shoot up, supervised by medical professionals. This discovery has completely baffled our leading anthropologists.

According to the newspaper articles found, a government leader responsible for health, known as Tony Clement, was an outspoken advocate against this, questioning the ethics and morals of medical professionals supporting this pilot project. However, leaders of medical professionals, such as the Canadian Medical Association, are in support of this alternative, with individual doctors criticizing Mr. Clement’s comments as “repugnant.”

Through our other discoveries, we have learned of physician practices and rituals. After going through medical school a new physician must take a “Hippocratic oath” to promise to “first do no harm.” “In-site” is also known has a “harm reduction strategy,” however our leading scientists cannot understand how this approach reduces harm. Further to the point, it is a confusing message that we don’t understand. The articles state that these drugs are illegal. We have also learned that these drugs are highly addictive, destroy family units, and ultimately destroy the user in many cases. So we are confused with what message this sends to the rest of Canadians, especially impressionable children, as well as the rest of the world.

Another article talk about how the Head of State of Canada, Michaelle Jean, hosted the Queen Silvia of another country known as Sweden. In the article, it spoke of how these two women discussed how to deal with social problems. When the topic of illegal drug use came up, the woman had two different approaches. Michaelle Jean told the Queen about “In-site” as “an enlightened approach.” The Queen told the Governor General that Sweden, while often known as a “socialist” country, does not tolerate illegal drug use and offers drug users a choice: prison or treatment. It appear that the Queen was not impressed with Canada’s approach.

In all of our years of discovering civilizations, the discovery of a group of people in favour of a safe-injection site of additive and illegal drugs is troubling.


Anonymous Craig said...

Personal experience time from an Aussie - have first hand experience with safe injecting sites courtesy of Kings Cross Sydney NSW Australia.
What happens?
Drug pushers go where the addicts are (big surprise), all congregate in the area, leading to business bankruptcies (who want's to wade through druggies to buy a pop?), more frequent overdoses, the whole area becoming a cess pit (to be fair KC was half way there already), and no demonstrable proof that lives have been saved. But still, it did enable those who took the moral high ground on this issue (and who live far away from there) to puff out their chests a little more.
Just don't ask them if they know what the term selfish compassion means.

Thu Aug 28, 05:38:00 PM EDT  

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