Saturday, March 22, 2008

"The Canadian Forces Spend Millions to Recruit and Target Your Children"

Ok, so the title is my rough translation of this blatantly ignorant article about the Canadian Cadet Movement. A (rough) English translation is available here. A snippet of the March 13th article published in Le Devoir:

The end of the primary school or the beginning of the secondary arrives, and know that there may be a recruiting agent in your entourage. The parents of a young neighbor or a friend, a trainer or even a member of the school's staff are perhaps instructors in a cadet corps. As absurd as the thing can appear, the Canadian Forces approach the children as of the age of 12. To some extent, don't we thus have our own child-soldiers?

Of course, it is nothing comparable with the child-soldiers mobilized by force in some countries at war. But all the same, it should be known that through Canada, 50 000 young people are recruited in cadet corps by the Army, the marine or the Air Force. The "instructors" of these juniors are soldiers belonging to your local reserve unit of the Canadian army. The young people carry the military uniform, are conditioned to obey military orders by the officers and to learn the handling of weapons.

Pour ceux de vous qui peut lire en français, cliquez ici pour le premier article dans Le Devoir et ici pour une réponse "Les cadets ne sont pas des enfants-soldats".

While the sheer ignorance and lies of Normand Beaudet does not even deserve a response, I feel it is imperative to tell you about my positive experience in cadets.

Cadets taught me things that a public classroom couldn't teach. Cadets taught me:

The value of friendship.
Joy of shining boots.
Respect for history and traditions.
Importance of communication.
Pride in my country.
Improve my public speaking skills.
Love for silent drill routines.
Acts of good citizenship.
How tough it is to be a good leader.
Respect is earned not demanded.
Passion for physical fitness.
Understanding of group dynamics.
Necessity of teamwork.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Did I want to join the CF at some point during my cadet career? Yes. But having come from a family with CF on my maternal and paternal side I considered joining the CF long before I joined cadets (which was at 16 years old). Would I want my child to join cadets? Of course! Being as both my partner and I were cadets in our youth, this is likely in our future either as volunteers ourselves and/our with our (future) children.

Cadets is a free program and you get paid to go to summer camp. For low-income families who couldn't afford to put their kids in organized sports or send them to summer camp this offers them an opportunity to be leaders and be socialized in a 'family' that will embrace them where it doesn't matter what label is one your jeans or shoes. But this is by no means a way to recruit "impoverished youth." You don't have to be 'poor' to join and in my experience, we came from all types of families. At summer camp you can learn how to play an instrument, sailing, archery, photography, or flying a plane.

During my five years in cadets I saw this youth program became watered down to be so de-militarized that it began to lack some of the most important aspects: discipline. Many of my fellow cadets and staff would complain that the standards were being lowered or "slack." I was too young to know about the real politics going on at the time, but I do know about movements like this one have continued to paint cadets to be a child soldier movement. It is unfortunate because there are very few opportunities for youth that offer the same experiences of leadership, physical fitness, respect for the outdoors, and discipline.

Reaction from RCSU(E):

We are familiar with Mr Beaudet's group, which, for several months, has been using disinformation to express its opposition to the Canadian Forces (CF) and to various CF recruitment campaigns. Until now, the media and the general public have shown no interest in Mr Beaudet's allegations concerning the Cadet program. After a discussion with NDHQ, I adopted the approach of not responding to the letter published in Le Devoir, in order to avoid giving the author an opportunity to reply. The Cadet Leagues were informed of this approach.

Were any of my fellow bloggers out there cadets?


Blogger BBS said...

CPO1 in Cadets, 8 1/2 years in the Reg Force Navy. I left the regs as a Master Seaman and became a Cadet Officer for another 7 years.

I am still friends to this day with many who I was in Cadets with. Because of Cadets I was able to travel to Quebec, Nova Scotia and British Columbia, all at no expense. My last summer was as a Staff Cadet (paid) at Quadra. Better than any job flipping burgers or cutting grass.

You're right about the watering down of the system. Although Cadets is still a first rate program it continues to weather attacks from various groups in order to "protect" the children involved.

The 10 Commandments of Leadership and 7 Characteristics of a Leader are principles that I use today in both business and politics.

For the record Mr. Beaudet, I joined Navy League Cadets at 10. Even from the snippet you've provided, I can see the man doesn't have a clue.

Sun Mar 23, 12:37:00 AM EDT  
Blogger BBS said...

In addition, Cadet programs exist in countries throughout the world - US, Britian, Germany, Holland, Australia, Bermuda...

Canada's program is the envy of all of these countries.

I'm sure Mr. Beaudet would rather see all these kids enrolled in some mandatory, politically correct, leftist indoctrination program.

Sun Mar 23, 12:42:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to add Child-Obesity to the 20-First Century with Global Warming .

I say this because during my research this year for actual DATA to help design a Product to fight obesity I discovered a whole new method for reporting information
and it's based on the privacy laws and the PC society we live in.

Children no longer get measured in Height because it hurts their feelings if someone is taller than them , no sir...the charts i read are now weight + lenght which is really height but is better to keep everyone on the ground at the same level and call it length .
The i saw the BMI notes in a report along with correction to some DATA rather than just print what the surveys showed from Schools and Doctors , but again no sir folks , lets skew the numbers to offend the least number of canadians by hammering away at the Bell-Curve until it's more flat but we'll still call it a Bell-Curve.

Then came the big shocker folks , every study I saw that was up to date for Stats had a notation about the U.N. and the new Definition of a "Child" as being anyone under 19 years of age .
To add more insult to the Taxpayers of canada for useless studies and surveys , i found that those "Children" that are bloating up and exploding every day are the one in the 14-17 bracket .
And guess what , the group with a 25%+ increase for weight was the 70-75 year old citizens and it didn't explain how a sudden bunch of obeses seniors fell from the sky because the numbers didn't show for any group in the 55+ Population from 10 years earlier so we could fight this obesity crisis for seniors.
So much for the cat-food and homeless seniors living out of garbage cans and donations into a cup at Yonge & Dundas.

The anti-war yahoos love to use Omar Khadr as a Child-soldier who was corrupted and exploited at 15 and we should fight to let him murder canadians on our soil as the Khadr's Imam preaches on fridays in his Mosque , but when our Troops are in a U.N. approve battle with 35 other nations we here that our teenagers and War criminals because the Soldiers didn't use psychic powers to predict that a Taliban gay-killer and mesogynist rapist may be harmed after they are captured and given to a legal body that is expected to follow the rules for POW's even when the cut-throat killers are Jihadists with only islam as the Army of God to wage war.

Global warming , child obesity , war crimes , and all the other scams are merely tools for the leftist communists who lost their jobs when the Burlin wall came down and the USSR collapsed .
They found usefull idiots in canada and the USA that will follow orders and never question any of the claims for the World coming to an end again ,....but this time for real in 10 years from now and not the old 10 years from now back in the late 80's .

I will say this about Children , jack layton is upset of the fees charge to these kids when they go to University before officially turing 19 and then 4 years later they have a massive debt while being just as stupid as they were
when they entered University.
THAT'S what jack is upset with , all that debt AND they are still idiots.

Sun Mar 23, 02:18:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Bouwman said...

I've been in cadets since i was 12, i'm just finishing up my last year.

This guy plainly doesn't know what he's talking about. Being in this program has taught me a great many things, things that i would have never learned because of the way society is going. Even the small things, like how to tie a proper tie, how to iron, and how to make yourself look presentable, i know that those skills have made me more employable.

Mr. Beaudet can shove it. I'm not a child soldier, and i'll probably never join the military, and most of the kids i know in cadets won't either.

Sun Mar 23, 02:44:00 AM EDT  
Blogger kursk said...

Cadets 5 years, reg force for the greater portion of my adult life..

The lessons i learned, and the friends i made have lasted me a lifetime..i ended my cadet career as a MWO.

Most of the men in my reg force unit had prior cadet experience.

What worries me now, is that i hear that some cadet units have curtailed orienteering and marksmanship.

It would seem that some in our communities would like to neuter the cadet organisation..

Sun Mar 23, 03:18:00 AM EDT  
Blogger BBS said...

Even though she's turned a little strange of late, Olympic Gold Medalist Myriam Bedard got her start in biathlon in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.

Sun Mar 23, 04:51:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Rob Gillespie said...

Disgusting. The ignorance of some people who would crap on the best youth organization in Canada. You can learn more about being a 'killer' playing a game of laser tag (which your public school board can organize a trip to, but no cadet unit ever could) than you can in the CCM.

Sun Mar 23, 08:32:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Spitfire said...


Thanks for the info about Myriam Bedard.

I joined army cadets when I was 3 months short of my 16th birthday. I rose to the rank of MWO in 3 short years. I was the top cadet in my corps. Because I joined so late I was unable to qualify for any of those exchanges. Nevertheless, I received a $1000 scholarship and feel very privileged to have the wonderful experiences that I had.


Your note on childhood obesity is important to note. At a time where public education are cutting gym classes, we need programs like cadets to help foster a love for physical fitness and good health.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, the things that you mentioned are the little things you don't notice that made you a better person/employee/citizen.


Yes I am also sad to report that many corps are curtailing certain activities. From my 3 short years in my corps and as a volunteer as a Civilian Instructor two years afterwards (2000-2005) I saw C-7 training (not shooting) and C-7 drill be replaced with 22s. Ok fine. But now they are trying to get rid of the 22s in favour of the Daisies (pellet gun).

Did some of my friends join the CF after cadets? Yes! But so did several join the police force (municipal/prov or RCMP). But many of us did not.


Good point. If the author of this article only knew how hard it is to get a lazer tag trip for a cadet corps. Why (to the non-cadets out there)? Because cadets you are told over and over (and over again!) to respect the rules on the range. NEVER point the rifle anywhere but down range. With lazer tag you're encouraged to shoot at each other, and that is a big No-No.

Sun Mar 23, 09:23:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an ex-Air Cadet NCO, I can only say the whole spin of that piece is as ignorant as anything the media can spin out (and I say that as someone who toils in the bowels of the MSM). How many other youth organizations and activities besides cadets can instill values of citizenship, service, patriotism, comradeship,leadership and the pride of competence? Not many.

Sun Mar 23, 04:27:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joined the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets in 1977. Proudly wore the naval square rig uniform. Left the cadet organisation in 1985 as a sub-lieutentant. Now teach drill, knots, bends & hitches, and semaphore to a church youth organisation and regularly polish the snot out of my dress oxfords. I wonder if any of my little pathfinders know they're being surreptiously turned into trained killing machines?

Sun Mar 23, 09:40:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Jarrett said...

1) Was never a cadet. But a significant number of my close friends were. From what they had to tell me about it, I support the cadets.

2) I just wanted to add that this notion isn't a new one. The Communist Party's 1930 (or 1935, can't remember which) federal election platform made a big deal about abolishing cadets for basically the same reasons that complaints are being leveled against them now. By the way the platform read, you would've thought war could be averted forever if they only nipped the problem in the bud at a young age.

3) Interesting while-we're-on-child-soldiers fact: my best friend was a Girl Guide leader during a few of her undergrad years and pointed out to me that technically, the scouting organizations in Canada (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Sparks, Brownies, Guides...) are classified as paramilitary organizations. It'd be interesting to see if those who condemn cadets have ever funded paramilitary organizations ;)

Sun Mar 23, 09:52:00 PM EDT  
Blogger HammertimeGP said...

Sun Mar 23, 09:54:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Spitfire said...


Agreed, not many (if any) youth organizations out there offer all of those at no cost to the youth.


I wonder if any of my little pathfinders know they're being surreptiously turned into trained killing machines?

LOL! I'm sad to report that the cadet organization has changed a lot since you were in it. Fortunately, women are becoming more involved but unfortunately (and in no way insinuating a correlation), the movement has become increasingly watered down (e.g. no lazer tag allowed) because of political pressures from groups discussed above.


True. Cadets have always had their critics. As a cadet we were left out of the politics about it, which is how it should be, as 12 year olds need not be burdened with it. However, I believe the older cadets (16-18 years old) are able to handle the criticism and politics giving testimonts to their positive (and negative) experiences to help improve the organizations.


I do not delete any comments on my blog as I do not believe in censorship. Needlesstosay, your blatent spam of my blog demonstrates your inability to add to the conversation to instead link your blog where you make your points with the caps lock button on professing such < sarcasm>insighful< /sarcasm> references like: "NEO-CONSERVATIVE FASCIST LIKE NAZI LIKE REPUBLICAN STEVEN HARPER the WARMONGER"

Thank you for your comments.

Sun Mar 23, 10:30:00 PM EDT  
Blogger HammertimeGP said...

Sat Apr 05, 06:45:00 PM EDT  
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