Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day Poem: We Are the Fallen

Found here from this facebook group. Republished with permission (Thanks Frank!)


In the name of freedom and to save a land,
We, the sons & daughters take the stand.
We give our lives & souls on a distant shore,
To that hell on earth, a place called war.
We are the fallen.

We die in flight, at sea, and on land,
Our blood seeps deeply into foreign sand.
On our left and on our right,
The faces of comrades we’ll lose this night.
We are the fallen.

A sea of youth, faces frozen in fear,
What vile work of man has brought us here?
In a far greater power, we each put our trust,
To not die here by the bayonet’s thrust.
We are the fallen.

The stench of death, sickly and profound,
More souls leave the earth, with each fired round.
In this theatre of horror, we console one another,
Mournful wails of the dying, crying out for their mother.
We are the fallen.

Visions of home flash though the mind,
A place of love and peace, when the world was kind.
Of friends and family and a children’s’ park,
Where death was not concealed by dark.
We are the fallen.

Medics shred clothing to expose a wound,
Heads bow at the image of impending doom.
The appetite of war claims another young life,
Leaving in its wake a child and a wife.
We are the fallen.

As this battle ends and the air does clear,
A desperate hope the final end is near.
The ghosts of lives past, each someone’s love,
The anguished souls of the brave have drifted above.
We are the fallen.

The fighting has ended, we, the dead, not there,
But from our place of eternal rest, we are fully aware.
We wish peace on earth to all mankind,
To spare the sons & daughters we leave behind.
We are the fallen

Frank N. Boosamra CD1

November 11, 2006


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