Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dziekanski Served Time in Prison

At the outset, I wish to say after watching Taser videos on YouTube such as the UCLA student last year, I condemn any excess force of police. However, we shouldn't forget that the police have an extremely difficult job, mostly working with the not-so-best citizens of our country. They do a job that most of us have chosen not to do. That being said, this should not blind their judgement in using unnecessary force to subdue a suspect with a taser, when other means are available.

Canada, and the rest of the world for that matter, has jumped on the bandwagon of condemning the RCMP. This organization has many many issues to deal with. I am angered by their lying about the incident. I also believe more clear regulations and training should be completed for taser use. But people are often too quick to blame police.

I was surprised to learn that Dziekanski served time in prison and this was not his first encounter with police:

Malczyk surmised that part of the answer might lie in Dziekanski's problematic background. He was sentenced to five years in prison for a robbery in his youth and that conviction was on his record. Also on his record were some other encounters with police, many arising from a troubled relationship he was in with a woman in Poland.

Also listen to CFRA this morning interview with a retired economist and member of Polish community, Kostek Malczyk.

But funny, it has taken weeks before this information has become known to the public (and even though the article came out yesterday, it has received relatively little press). Did the RCMP officers who arrived on the scene know this information? I don't know. And, yes he was pre-approved by the Canadian embassy to come to Canada, but because of the time change, Vancouver airport were unable to do a double check at 4pm.

Let's say that Vancouver officials let him through with no troubles. Let's say he move to Canada does not get off to a good start (finding a job without knowing English or French??) What if Dziekanski had encounters with Canadian police one year from now. What if he committed a crime?

The front page stories would be that Canadians would be wondering not about police use of tasers, but why the hell someone with a criminal past, unable to speak the language, was allowed to emmigrate to our country.

For some people, the government can never do anything right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So really the problem goes back to Immigration. I have a family member who works for 'border security'.They have more info on this (apparently available from a website).
This man was in Canada as a landed immigrant, and was treated very well for many hours after landing, with the usual procedures in place.I know several law abiding citzens who have applied for immigrant status to Canada and have been declined for 'red tape' reasons.One was a white farmer from Zimbabwe. Perhaps our immigration department is quite happy that this can of worms in now in RCMP's lap.

Tue Dec 04, 09:28:00 AM EST  

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