Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thank You Good Samaritan [Update]

Dear Good Samaritan,

I was warned that Ottawa was a cold-bureaucratic city when I moved here two months ago. Last night we made small talk in the waiting room at the Kanata Animal Hospital. I had brought in a stray cat we took in a few months ago who was having a miscarriage. You listened to my story and before you left gave me $40 to help with the financial bill. Your kindness and generosity was overwhelming and you would not give me your name. I just want to say THANK YOU!

Update: Link Added

I wrote this above note to all the Ottawa radio stations and newspapers. A revised version of the above letter will be in tomorrow (Saturday)'s Ottawa Citizen.


Blogger Clive said...

What a great story... I hope all is well with the cat. I only work in Kanata, so all I know is the high-tech cubicle land and Wal-Mart, but it's good to know it's that kind of community.

The corgis send healing vibes.

Thu Aug 16, 04:58:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you watch the news in the morning and hear about Iraq, earthquake in Peru, the stock market plummeting, hurricanes, a 9 year old child missing in Quebec, and on and on - it's so nice to hear a heart warming story like this. I hope you cat is okay.

There are good people out there.

Thu Aug 16, 05:51:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Matt said...

Hi Sharon,

Was that the reason for the anomaly on the right side of her body? Hope that cats been ok, she really looked like she's been through a lot. :(

Sat Aug 25, 10:49:00 AM EDT  

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