Friday, August 10, 2007

Cabbie Wins Privacy Right Over Medical Record

I am in agreement with this. I also think about the Toronto school bus driver, Susan Drury, who had an undiagnosed seizure while driving and 10-year-old John Pham was killed, because even having her medical records would not have prevented that tragedy.

Unfortunately the article does not indicate for what purpose these medical records are used. Safety? (concern for someone with Diabetes who may face long drives without regular eating habits) Drug testing? Allergies (e.g perfumes)? Prone to narcolepsy

I do agree with the ruling:

The ruling by the privacy commissioner could affect anyone who drives professionally. Currently people who drive buses, trucks or taxis not only need a doctor to say they're fit for the road, they also have to sign a waiver that gives the government access to their medical records.

Charlottetown taxi driver Neil Harpham thought that went too far, so he filed a complaint with the privacy commissioner and won his case. The privacy commissioner ruled that demanding blanket access to a person's medical records was too intrusive.

But then again, this was the same guy CBC captured in this stellar quote:

Lack of dictionaries in dem Merrytimes? (Please note that most of my family is from PEI and NB so this statement is in jest)


Blogger Kitchener Conservative said...

It seems irrelevant that the government needs medical records.

I thought doctors are already required to notify the province when someone is unable to drive.

I know my brother's doctor did when he went legally blind.

Fri Aug 10, 05:50:00 PM EDT  

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