Friday, June 15, 2007


I plan to resume my segemented posts (Bizarre Human Custom, Book Reviews, Flashback Fridays). Flashback Fridays consists of looking back on old blog posts either for a laugh or to reflect on how much I've changed (or not). I'll be writing up a few book reviews this weekend. This week is just one to make you laugh.

I have been going to every bike shop in London in search for a full suspension bike. As George and I were coming out of a shop today, George opened the car door for me, and some guy rode by on a bike and yelled: "Nice rack!" My jaw dropped and I was ready to see what George was going to do about it. "Isn't he going to say anything," I thought to myself. I finally realized the guy was talking about George's bike rack on the back of his car.....I guess the world doesn't revolve around me...and my rack ;)


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