Sunday, June 24, 2007

BOOK REVIEW: Who Killed the Canadian Military

After reading Jack Granatstein’s companion book, Whose War Is It: How Canada Can Survive in the Post-9/11 World, I thought I would read the first book he wrote about the Canadian military. This is yet another book I’ve been meaning to read but didn’t get the time until the school year was over.

Well organized chronologically, Granatstein follows over seven chapters who killed the Canadian military. While Pearson, Diefenbaker, Hellyer, Trudeau, Mulroney and Chretien each played their part in putting the Canadian military in the shambles that it is today, he concludes by answering his question, who killed the Canadian military, "we all did".

Grantastein writes this book in 2004 and predicts the troubles that we would experience during an international crisis. He discusses how Canada does not have enough military equipment, specifically aircraft as we had to beg from our neighbours to borrow during the ‘98 Ice Storm. And do ya really think these aircraft will be available during an international crisis???

Case in point. Ultimately who was blamed last summer when it took hours to transport thousands of Canadians out of Lebanon? Was it Hezbollah? Nope. The Canadians of Convenience? Nope. Who was ultimately blamed? Our new Prime Minister Stephen Harper who had the audacity to use the aircraft at his disposal to help with the evacuation and was promptly granted an F for his efforts.

If you read this book you must read the follow up one as well!

Rating 9/10


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