Friday, June 15, 2007

Bans, and Tolls, and Hybrids...Oh My

Reason number 41238946 why I hate Toronto.

Today's announcement of the consideration of placing tolls on Toronto highways and banning gaspowered leaf blowers really irks me. What is the point of reducing consumption by downloading it to the consumer but the CN Tower is getting lights installed on it. Is it just me or does this make absolutely no sense and is completely counter-productive.

Can someone please calcuate how much energy/cost of running these LED lights.


Blogger Jeff Davidson said...

the new LED lights being installed on the CN tower cost 10% less to operate than the current lights on the tower.

gas-powered leaf blowers city-wide contribute far more annually to GHG emissions than the LED lights on the CN tower.

as for tolls, london has enjoyed great success with traffic reduction by charging tolls to drive in the city.

as for hating toronto, grow up.

Fri Jun 15, 09:57:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Toronto Crawler said...

Oh please Jeff. I've lived in Toronto all my life, and I also hate Toronto city council for coming up with their lunatic left-wing ideas without any control over them. Since Miller became mayor, City Council has not represented the middle class at all, his only constituency are all the socialist peacenik wackos on the left who dominate various areas around downtown in the former pre-merger city of Toronto.

Fri Jun 15, 11:07:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Spitfire said...


Thank you for your comment. Could you please provide a link to back up your information. I was unaware of the LED lights cost vs. current lights.

Also, what do you mean by "cost". Cost to whom? Since the CN tower is owned by a private company, is this simply a cost-effective measurement. I would be interesting in seeing the figures.

Another issue, is there really a need for lights on the CN tower? I guess our society has to learn the different between need and want. Sure it's nice to have the CN tower all colourful, but is it necessary? Aside from safety reasons and navigation reasons (air, sea) can we just turn the lights off at night?

Toronto Crawler,

Thank you for comment. It seems that many people no matter what city (London and Ottawa in my experience) are unhappy with their city councils.

Media often cover how the municipalities complain that everything is downloading onto them and not having the money. But municipal politicians are often the most corrupt. Just today the city of Ottawa announced some changes in the conflict of interest policies because of controversy over Sens playoff tickets.

Fri Jun 15, 01:05:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a 905 resident I find it amusing as Toronto slowly commits suicide by a thousand cuts. What I can’t figure out is why people keep voting for these nuts.

Fri Jun 15, 01:51:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Raphael Alexander said...

I hate leaf blowers almost as much as terrorists hate our freedom. Which is a lot.

Oh and toll highways suck.

Fri Jun 15, 06:46:00 PM EDT  

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