Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Chapter in my Book of Life

It's official, I've accepted Carleton's offer. Thankfully I won't be as poor as I had anticipated as they have now offered me a Teaching Assistantship. It's a two year program so I get a TAship of $9000 x 2 years plus a $2000 scholarship which will be subject to renewal if a keep a certain average as well :-)

So I close the chapter in my Book of Life on Trent University. I'm finished three of five classes, I still have three papers and 1 exam to write! I will be moving to Ottawa May 1st (place TBD). It's getting pretty exciting!

I'm really looking forward to this new chapter of my life. I was definitely sick of Trent and Peterborough; four years is a LONG time!!! Thankfully my Master's is half the time, but probably double to work :-)

Because I'm bilingual I should have no trouble finding a job this summer. It's going to be sad leaving some amazing people, but all the more reason to find excuses to get together. Thank you to all of you who have supported me thus far.

To those of you who read this blog and comment thank you as well, while I love having the ability to drop my thoughts in the big pool of the internet, it's nice to get a splash back to keep me in check or challenge me! I like it! Keep the comments coming!




Blogger Jarrett said...

This is for the MPA and not Soci, right?

Congrats! I'm all proud of you 'n stuff. I mentioned your situation to one of my profs (who did his BA and MA at Carleton) and he was all, "Ooh, kickass... I mean, I haven't been there for ten years, but I know the kinds of people they admit."

Are you as overcommitted right now as I am? I've got to study for exams and fight off this cold, but I'm committed to spending time with TWO friends at two different times tomorrow... And that probably means drinking and staying up late... oy vey.

Thu Apr 12, 11:33:00 PM EDT  
Blogger true liberal said...

Congratulations! You must blog about the program for me, as I need to make decisions for my applications this fall.

Sat Apr 28, 05:38:00 PM EDT  

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