Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This is Not Inspiring....

TORONTO — Ontario's universities have neither a sufficient number of qualified faculty members nor enough room for what's expected to be an influx of thousands more graduate students this fall, says a pre-budget analysis to be released Monday.

The study by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, which speaks for the province's professors and lecturers, applauds the provincial government's strategy of expanding graduate enrolment, but finds shortfalls in both its planning and funding.

"The government's wish to expand graduate enrolment significantly this fall is not compatible with the complexities involved," the analysis says.

"Consequently, it is risking the quality of graduate education."



Blogger Jarrett said...

Should've applied to BC programs ;)

We lack some of the more extensive grad student funding you find in Ontario, but... well... once you experience a winter in which the record colds were -5 and -10, you won't go back. And hey, UVic has kickass MPA and Soci programs.

Besides, UBC's one of the two best Canadian universities. One of the only two to be rated in top world lists :)

Wed Mar 14, 01:33:00 AM EDT  

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