Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Support Our Troops....Not Kick the Crap Out of Them.....

This just disgusts me. I really have no other words to describe what I feel about this. I'm more speechless that it actually happened.

OTTAWA - A Canadian soldier awarded a medal of valour for braving enemy fire in Afghanistan is angry after he says was jumped from behind and taunted by four men who beat him up in an Ontario bar this weekend.

Master Cpl. Collin Fitzgerald, who was recognized for heroic actions in Afghanistan by Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean on Feb. 19, had his foot broken in three places and needed 10 stitches to close a cut above his right eye.

The 27-year-old soldier also suffered a broken nose and two black eyes in the attack, which occurred early Saturday in Morrisburg, Ont., about one hour south of Ottawa. The soldier was well known in the small town.

Fitzgerald said Monday he'd only been in the bar about 20 minutes when he was struck from behind.

"I don't even remember getting hit. I went and sat down at one of the tables, and next thing I knew I woke up and a hole in my head and I couldn't walk on my foot," he said, adding witnesses told him one of the men said `what kind of f--king hero are you now' as they were being pulled off of him.


Fitzgerald's mother, Arlene Fitzgerald, said the attack has left her shaken and upset.

"He came home in one piece from Afghanistan, and he gets beaten up like this in his own home town," she said. "He just came back from hell."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all we know there could be more to this story, so as usual, it is probably wise to not pass judgement so quickly. The presumption of 'innocent until proven guilty' is there for a reason.

Wed Mar 14, 10:17:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These lads are about to find out that justice moves more swiftly throught the barracks than through the courts!

Wed Mar 14, 10:39:00 AM EDT  
Blogger The Individualist said...

That's messed up. But do you think this alleged crime was because of his military service? or just some punks sucker punching people at a bar... a phenomenon that isn't as uncommon as we would like.

Wed Mar 14, 10:40:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Spitfire said...

Anon 1,

I agree, there could be another side to this story. While someone may be innocent until proven guilty, this guy didn't beat himself up.


I'm not sure, the article said that a witness saw one of the attackers say: "what kind of f--king hero are you now'". So I'm thinking it did. Then again, the newspaper is just one side of the story.

If he was well known in his town, perhaps it's some old "enemies" from high school, or something like that. Maybe someone was jealous of all the attention he was getting....

Either way, it's a sad reminder that the military is not respect in Canada. Underfunding from the government for years, anti-war protests in my university, and now this....a sad day for Canada.

Wed Mar 14, 10:49:00 AM EDT  

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