Friday, March 02, 2007

REVIEW: Whose War Is It?

J.L. Granatstein's new book, Whose War Is it? How Canada Can Survive in the Post-9/11 World. It supposed to be a companion to Who Killed the Canadian Military. While I haven't read Who Killed...I have read other work by Granatstein and I'm a huge fan! This was a fantastic book! I didn't want to put it down, but I had to for school commitments. It's an easy read and is very pertinent to what's going on in Canada today.

Jack talks about the lack of military equipment, the myth of peacekeeping, arctic sovereignty, a pacifist Quebec, multiculturalism, foreign policy and our national interests. He makes reference to very current events such as Harper using his plane to bring home refugees in Lebanon.

The one criticism I would offer is that I wish it was more academically sourced. I know Granatstein knows his stuff, but I'm currently working on a paper on Arctic sovereignty. While his chapter on it is solid, I just wish I had books and articles that I can consult because there was no bibliography!

Overall though, it's an absolute must read for every Canadian!


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