Sunday, March 25, 2007

"The Liberal party is not a democratic organization."

I know I poke fun at the Liberals a lot, but this is just too funny! It's an internal email (scandal in the making) from Michael Mulligan, a guy who was asked to seek nomination for a riding in BC. It seems however BC co-chair is trying to get a female in there:

Mr. Young made telephone calls to other members of the executive informing them of his approach to fixing the nomination process to ensure the appointment of the candidate he is interested in.

Mr. Young is apparently concerned about Ms. Park Shannon's ability to win in a fairly conducted nomination race. This is not surprising given her total absence of work in the riding.

Ms. Park Shannon has spent virtually no time with the executive or membership in the riding. Her name does not appear on the most recent membership list being used by the local riding association. She didn't even attend the delegate selection meeting held last week to take up an invitation extended by Russ Lazaruk to those interested in seeking the nomination to address the meeting.

Ms. Park Shannon's approach is perhaps not surprising. Having agreed to a accept a back room appointment to bypass the local riding association, and the need to stand for election at a nomination meeting, what reason would she have to make any local effort at all.

The arrogant approach of Mr. Young and the sense of entitlement displayed by Ms. Park Shannon represent the very worst qualities of the Liberal party. They both demonstrate a complete disrespect for the democratic process.

When I put this to Mr. Young he retorted that "The Liberal party is not a democratic organization."

Read the whole email at Kerplonka


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