Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dis is Unfair!!! Hydro Conservation = Increase Rates

Use less pay more? Yup, that's how it is in Ontario. I wonder if Dion would argue if this is fair.

The subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corp. said yesterday it has filed an application with the provincial regulator to increase electricity distribution rates by 6.3 per cent as of May 1.

The hike is needed to cover a $10.4 million loss in revenues associated with conservation programs that began in 2005, including last year's summer challenge, which offered hydro customers a 10 per cent credit on their fall bill if they cut electricity use by 10 per cent over two months, according to the utility.

Source: Toronto Star

Hat Tip: Michieville


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad I don't live in Ontario. I am expecting my utilities to go up in B.C. too. I already noticed that my power bill was about $20.00 more each month, this winter. Since I am retired, every dollar counts. Woe is me, I shall be undone!!!!

Mon Mar 26, 09:45:00 AM EDT  
Blogger spike said...

same is happening in durham region with the water rates going up 7-8%. reason, conservation. they preach it everywhere you turn and when it takes hold then complain they are losing revenue. i'm sure hydro will be doing the same thing shortly. makes no difference if you are a good or bad conservationist your still going to get burned. then there's kyoto. can hardly wait for that rape of the tax payers dollars to start.

Mon Mar 26, 09:57:00 AM EDT  

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