Friday, March 30, 2007

Dion Needs a Speech Writer

I promise, sometime soon, (after I hand in two 20-page papers) I will have a more eloquent, intelligent comments on Canadian politics. In the meantime, when I read this e-brief in my inbox, I actually laughed outloud so much that my boyfriend in the other room actually got upfrom watching his favourite show to see what I was laughing about!

Why in the world would you use the same words, TWICE in the same brief, when this same word was used against you (mocking, really)in an attack-ad aired all over the TV?? Why? Businesses are smart enough to realize that they should change their wording/discourse if it is used against them. Case in point: After Supersize Me came out, McDonald's changed its size names from 'Supersize' to Large.

While most people getting this e-Brief are Liberal supporters, I sign up for the NDP and Lib e-mailings. Afterall, in intelligent debate and discussion you gotta know where you're opponent is coming from and their arguments. If the Liberals are plummeting in the polls, you would think you would try to use words that wouldn't make you think of the Conservatives?

Four assignments due next week, done two, almost done the third, and then to start the fourth. Tim Horton's coupons and Red Bull donations are now being accepted :-)

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!


Anonymous Ontario Lad said...

I know that the Tories are planning more ads. One of them should, again, highlight Dion's latest plaintive whine about the "unfair"ness.

I can't wait to see how Quebec Liberals are going to tell Quebecers that this was a bad budget for them. When Dion loses the next election, his days will start to go fast.

Fri Mar 30, 11:41:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Jarrett said...

This is almost too perfect. Maybe he should also say that the LPC is entitled to its entitlements, just to top it off. Short of having him molest a child while clubbing a baby seal from a hummer live on Newsworld, what more could we ask for?

BTW, Dion said it in Parliament too. If they're using this line so frequently, chances are it's the speechwriter. Which is even better, because it shows just how on the ball some of these guys are.

Good luck with your papers. I'm gunnin' for ya. Le seul des miennes qui m'en restent n'est guère aussi important que me reposer avec du vin et du dîner avec la blonde dont je t'ai parlée. Demain soir. Masochisme, c'est ça...

Sat Mar 31, 02:09:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Swift said...

The last time I remember anything from the Libs or NDP that could be used to contribute to intelligent conversation is when Judy W. accused Ralph Goodale of ignoring evidence of a leak about the income trust decission. Seems o be a lot of reading for a very few pearls of wisdom.

Sat Mar 31, 03:32:00 AM EDT  

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