Monday, February 05, 2007

REVIEW: Howie Mandel, No Big Deal

I had free tickets to see Howie Mandel Friday night at Casino Rama. My boyfriend and I went, and we were not impressed.

First, the show was 30 minutes late and it began with an older man singing "Oh Happy Day" on an endless loop. Some people starting clapping along, and even singing along, until it got irritating and people starting booing.

Finally the opening act, John Mendoza comes out. Of course everyone is cheering, thankful that they stopped playing that stupid song. Mendoza says, "You're thankful that's over, I have to listen to that every f-in night!" Mendoza was alright, my boyfriend thought he was funny, I thought he was alright. He did a schtick about ugly people, it wasn't anything original.

Finally, it was Howie's turn. Unfortunately, it was a complete disappointment. Howie's material was based on three things. His body parts, the audience and his wife. He began by talking about his ass hair, went on to talk about seeing a doctor and have his finger up his butt etc... and other things about his genitalia.

He starting asking the audience some questions, but wasn't getting the answers he was looking for, which made his off-the-cuff humour non existent.

Then, he couldn't stop talking about his wife. Normally, I would find this cute, but he just went on and on about her shopping habits.

He ended the show by showing us some of his hidden camera acts. He acted as a shampoo guy in a Supercuts. It was just boring slap stick and, again, nothing that original.

There was an older couple next to us, who actually got up and left in the middle of the show!

Don't believe me? This review concurs with a lot of what I saw!

Sadly Howie just adds to a running list of Canadian comics, that, aren't funny!


Blogger Michelle Oliel said...

That sucks. My mom went to school with him and said he was a pretty funny dude even as a kid. I hate bad comedy.

That all said, there are tons of funny Canadian comedians -- Mike Meyers, Jim carey,Russel Peters. I don't think it's a Canadian comic thing but maybe just a Howie thing :-)

Mon Feb 05, 08:48:00 PM EST  

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