Monday, February 19, 2007

Good News: I'm going to be a grad student!

I've been accepted to my 4th choice for grad school. No word yet on amount of funding (I was told a couple more weeks), but I was told it would be "generous". Now just the waiting game.

I'm very impressed with this school because it only took two weeks for them to review my app. This could mean two things. Either they are on the ball, or didn't have that many people apply.

The reason why this school/program is my fourth choice is because I want to do a MA in Public Administration over an MA in Sociolgy. Even if Sociology departments/school programs offer me more money, I will still choose PA over Sociology.

Yah me!


Blogger Joan Tintor said...

Congratulations and good luck

Mon Feb 19, 09:12:00 PM EST  
Blogger Olaf said...

Way to go Spitfire. It's worth noting that getting into any grad school is a tough slog (in my political science honours graduating class, only 1 of 13 students who applied to grad schools got in). Good luck, and I hope they come through with the dough for you.

Tue Feb 20, 12:19:00 AM EST  
Blogger Dianne said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Wed Feb 21, 08:20:00 AM EST  
Blogger BBS said...

Congratulations and best wishes!

Fri Feb 23, 02:08:00 AM EST  

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