Sunday, January 07, 2007

Women & The Sexual Revolution

For those who know me, or are regular readers of this blog know that I am not a feminist and hate the feminists who think they speak for me when they say they speak for women. I couldn't sleep the other night and decided to watch some TV.

It was about 2 or 3am and there were slim pickings on the TV. I kept flipping through hoping to find something decent to watch to make me sleepy.

Instead, I became more awake because I became a combination of anger and sadness with what was on the TV.

There were several advertisements for services like 'Quest' where you call a number to meet local people. Of course, there was a young girl, teasing the viewer with some T&A enticing them to call.


Another channel with an advertisement for Girls Gone Wild. Not just one video, but be a member of this monthly video club.


Bravo and Showcase at 2am....need I say more?


A documentary on the history of burlesque and gentlemen's clubs.


Seymore Buts trying to make a get a clip of a girl (profession: dancer) who squirts


I turned off the TV, got up and read a book instead.

Ladies, we lost the sexual revolution.


Blogger Jarrett said...

"Bravo and Showcase at 2am....need I say more?"

Except there's a three-hour time difference out here. Jesus H. Christ, why do you think so many guys over the age of 13 are night owls in this neck of the woods?! ;)

Sun Jan 07, 09:52:00 PM EST  
Blogger SUZANNE said...

And women have to fight back. The reason this happens is that there are women who decide this is okay. And feminists defend them.

Some of these women have no idea that you're selling yourself cheap if you do this kind of thing. They don't know what having a sense of self-respect mean.

Thu Jan 11, 11:29:00 PM EST  
Blogger angryroughneck said...

Suzanne said "The reason this happens is that there are women who decide this is okay."

Which makes it okay in a free world. The woman in the Seymour Butts video may have lost the battle, but on the other hand I feel fairly confident stating that the writer of this blog has not lost her battle for liberation??- I don't think this is the appropriate word-- too grand.

only individuals can overcome, only knowledge leads to progress and you can't force someone to learn or care.

Sat Jan 13, 12:28:00 PM EST  
Blogger No said...

The feminists that were before your time helped you be in the ROTC; did you know that?

Sat Jan 13, 11:20:00 PM EST  

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