Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Military & Plane Bid

Could journalists even try to be neutral? I mean come on! with this headline and first sentence:

The author (I'm not going to say journalist, because this is more like a work of fiction) describes defence contracts to be the most "lucrative" deals that the government signs. Lucrative? Give me a break! Lucrative would be having equipment that works and doesn't fall out of the sky, sink, of catch fire.

I'm all for a free-market bid, and the fact that only one plane seems to fit Canadian military needs/requirements does sound a little fishy. But I'm sick and tired of the drama and sensationalism from the media. If you want to pin military equipment problems on a government, it sure isn't the Conservatives that are to blame.

The military knows that the military needs. End of story. PMSH has shown leadership by getting the people who use the equipment to make the decisions of what they need. Get the bureaucrats and Liberal-friendly firms out of it.


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