Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Canadian Killed in Mexico

UPDATE: London Free Press: Turns out the couple were from my hometown of London, Ontario.


One Canadian citizen has been killed and another wounded in an accident in Mexico, has learned.

"Consular officials in Guadalajara were informed by Mexican police in Jan. 18 of the accident that occurred the earlier night," Foreign Affairs spokesperson Alain Cacchione told on Friday afternoon.

He said that consular officials visited one victim in the hospital.

"Consular officials in Ottawa were immediately in touch with both families of the deceased and injured Canadians to offer consular assistance," he said.

There are unconfirmed reports that the deceased Canadian was a snowbird spending the winter in Mexico. However, Cacchione would not divulge any identifying details due to privacy rules.

Nor would he elaborate on the type of accident.

"It is an ongoing investigation and I cannot speculate on what type of accident it was," Cacchione said.

According to an unconfirmed email to, it was a hit-and-run accident.

"Consular officials went to Chapala early Friday to meet with authorities to emphasize the need for a quick and thorough investigation," he said.

In recent years, many North American retirees have established themselves on Lake Chapala's shore, located approximately 50 km southeast of Guadalajara.

The death comes less than two weeks after a 19-year-old Canadian man was killed outside a nightclub in Acapulco, Mexico.

Mexican officials insist Adam DePrisco was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and a preliminary autopsy by Ontario's top coroner showed the injuries were consistent with being knocked down by a vehicle.

But DePrisco's friends and family have disputed that claim, saying he died of injuries sustained in a vicious beating.

Would this have even been reported had the 19 year old and that other couple been killed. How 'normal' is it to have Canadians killed abroad? Does each Canadian killed abroad get the top news story? Let's face it, had the other deaths not been reported, no one would have heard about this one. Although it seems that more Canadians are randomly getting killed in Mexico, we have to also think of how media stories get chosen. I'm not saying this isn't tragic or even suspicious, but we also can't jump to conclusions and boycott Mexico.


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