Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flags of Our Fathers

Over this Remembrance Day weekend I wanted to go see the film, Flags of Our Fathers. I was very disappointed to learn it was no longer playing in Peterborough. 'No worries', I thought to myself. My boyfriend lives near Belleville, we'll go see it there. To my dismay, it wasn't playing there either. It only came out on the 20th of October. Which means it lasted not even three weeks? This doesn't make any sense. I was very disappointed that it's only playing in ten cities in Ontario. Unfortunately because I don't live in London, Ottawa or near the GTA, I won't see it, and I'm not about to drive an hour to see it either. I looked at downloading it but I actualy wanted to give my money to see this one. The online versions seem to be poor quality and that how I ruined Pirates of the Carribean in my first year. Hopefully it will come out on DVD soon.


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