Monday, March 05, 2007

CF Tribute Videos

March 2007 Update: A few times a week someone Googles "CF Tribute" and ends up on my blog. I noticed that some of my links have moved and that more videos have recently been made so I want to drop a bunch of my favourites all in one post :-) Enjoy!! Support our Troops! Pro Patria!


The first tribute video I saw for Canadian Soldiers was by Josey1 on But sadly it has became very outdated when this video was made, the number of troops fallen was 8.

Ty1000 on YouTube has updated the video keeping the same song, 3 Doors Down "Landing in London", but sadly it is still outdated, as it doesn't include Nicola or any of the other soldiers killed after May of 2006. But, this one took Josey1's video, updated it, kept the song and added how each soldier was killed:

March 2007 Update: Some of my favourites after going through a bunch on You Tube.


This one is less sad with more action shots of what Canadians do to the Matrix theme, but still offers the proper tribute to our fallen comrades:

This is another action one about the CF in general to a tune by Linkin Park:

Also check out this YouTube user's videos. They are often to the tune of more shouting songs (Deftones, etc....). This one is pretty good:

Check out "Fire Fight" in Afghanistan and click on this link to all six parts. Here's part 1:


This one is excellent with a beautiful song called Soldier by Shawn Hlookoff:

So, If I die don't judge me Cause, I will not judge you
And If I die, please accept it Cause, I will die for you

We have our reasons Rules, morals and beliefs
I won't slander your opinion I'm just searching for peace

This is an excellent one with the A Pittance of Time, including not only a tribute but also videos of our troops in action:

Here's a link to a page with a tribute video in English et en Francais aussi! It's also available on You Tube here

This one has a lot of unique photos that I haven't seen before and it's playing with Avril Lavigne's Keep Holding On:

August 2006:
Something happened a few weeks ago that I want to share. I was on the train coming home with my anglophone exchange students (from Quebec to Ontario). Families had welcome signs, balloons and there were tears, hugs and laughter. They had been away from each other for 6 weeks. I also got teary eyed seeing all the emotions in the air. As the coordinator I was the last to leave the station, making sure that everyone had a ride and received all their luggage.

That's when I saw a Canadian soldier.

He was alone, in a wheelchair weeping. I had no idea why he was there. Why he was crying. I'm sure something terrible happened, and surely there was nothing I could say to him that could help. The VIA staff were attending to him, asking if he wanted a cab.

It completely broke my heart.

Support Our Troops!

We can never have any idea what they are seeing thousands of miles away.


Anonymous Alex Meyers said...

Hey Sharon, I really appreciated the second video. Is there more of that available?

Tue Sep 12, 11:35:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Spitfire said...

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the commets. If you check out YouTube and look for videos from Captit or click here, he has a couple more videos like it. He was also mentioned in the Toronto Star in August

Tue Sep 12, 03:20:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Spitfire said...

Please note these comments were made before I changed this post all around and moved the videos around. The videos Alex was referring to was the video of CF in a fire fight in Afghanistan.

Mon Mar 05, 02:37:00 AM EST  
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