Tuesday, September 26, 2006


In the year 5000 CE archeologists and anthropologists are investigating the civilization known as North American circa 2000CE. one discovery has puzzled anthropologists for months. The discovery was the remains of what this society refered to as "hair gel". The remains were found in a well preserved bottle found in a time capsule.

On the bottle was written the directions for use. This "gel" is a sticky-like substance applied to the hairs on the head. According to magazines and other media articfacts found in the time period it had different uses between genders. For males it was used to make hair stick up and for females is was used to fix loose hairs down in place. According to evidence found, more males than females used it, and were around the ages of early adolescenats to the agehood of 30. Its purpose, however, still remains a mystery. There are many theories though by many of the anthropologists on site.

One theory is that the "gel" had religious or cult like symbolism. This theory believes that "gel" was used to prvent the person's soul or mind from escaping their bodies. The strong argument of this theory is based upon the age of the users. It is known that many males and females in this age group of 15-30 years of age are known for rebelling and not following the path suggested by their elders. Perhaps there lies a correlation between rebelling and hair gel as it could have been a preventative measure for those who stray from the path. The weakness of this argument is that there has been no evidence found in surviving artifacts that mention the importance of this gel linked to cult or religious followings.

The second theory is that "gel" is thought to have power in it, to give people strength. It is a valid argument since it is known that almost all people of this civilization desired power. The whole in this argument is that too many young people had access and used it. There has been no other evidence recovered of people ceasing the need for power at age 30, it seems to be a life-long struggle or goal. In additionm it seemed to be mass produced and therefore easily attainable for a very low cost to almost any person in this age group.

The last thoery anthropologists have come up with is that "gel" is a cultural fad. The strong premise of this theory is that it is known that this civilization was very vain and their appearance was very important to them. The weakness of this arguemt, however, is that this usage baffles anthropologists. None of them can understand why a society that is so vain ha people voluntarily put a sticky substance in their hair.


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