Thursday, August 10, 2006

UK/USA Airline Terrorist Plot Foiled

UPDATED 12.50PM [GMT]: A major terrorist plot to blow up multiple aircraft in mid flight from London to America has been stopped and 21 people arrested, police have said.
The planned explosions may have been simultaneous on as many as nine aircraft, possibly over the Atlantic as to minimise forensic evidence, according to reports.

CNN reported that the plot involved hiding masked liquid explosives in carry-on luggage.
No hand luggage is being allowed on UK planes, apart from a few exceptions like wallets and keys. These can be carried in a transparent plastic bag.

All other items, including laptops, mobile phones, iPods, books and newspapers, have to be searched and checked in along with normal luggage. Baby milk and food can be carried on board, but must be tasted in front of airport staff.


I'm flying domestic on Friday morning. I wonder if this "no liquid" rule will be in place. Dammit I need my water and hand sanitizer!!

This is just silly though. They make exceptions for women with babies. duh, what do you think the terrorists are going to disguise their new devoted members to be?

Source: This is Local London


Blogger No said...

exactly what my ex-military hubby ya'll think alike?

Thu Aug 10, 08:19:00 PM EDT  

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