Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Harper to Appear on Corner Gas

The only episode of Corner Gas I've seen is when Jann Arden made a cameo appearance. I don't often watch Corner Gas, but I will watch the episode in which Prime Minister Harper will make a cameo appearance. The CBC article doesn't indicate when the episode will air.

What I found funny aout the article is that a seemingly innocent news item of Harper being on Corner Gas was made political about what Harper is and isn't doing this week. The CBC can't even write an article without poking a jab at what Harper is doing.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in Saskatchewan this week for business and perhaps a few laughs, during shooting for a cameo appearance in the popular TV show Corner Gas.

He's also scheduled to attend a Conservative party barbecue on Tuesday evening.

So far no meetings are planned with any provincial politicians.

Premier Lorne Calvert has been pushing Harper to keep an election promise to amend the equalization formula.

Earlier this month, a letter was leaked to the media from Tory MPs in the province. It also urged Harper to keep that promise.

Meanwhile, Harper's appearance in Corner Gas isn't the first time the CTV sitcom has featured Canadian politicians in walk-on roles.

Calvert appeared in an episode that aired last December where he played himself and almost got hit by a thrown newspaper.

The show has also featured cameos by former prime minister Paul Martin and Saskatchewan MP Ralph Goodale.


Blogger Steve said...

It is quite a good show, one of the few shows I actually watch. It won't hurt to see a few while waiting for the man.

Wed Aug 30, 02:15:00 PM EDT  

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