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This post was written November 5th 2005

Melissa and I got together last night and we played a really cool game that asks moral questions. Melissa and I are pretty similar in our answers. I wasn’t surprised by George’s responses. After we dropped Melissa off we were coming down London and George and there were these two girls that looked about 16 years old, on their way towards downtown. It was 12:15am. They were crossing the street in front of us and my jaw dropped with what one of the girls was wearing. She had on the smallest skirt I think I have ever seen in my life. Then she had on these 5” heels too. I roll down the window when we turn on to George and yelled out: “I think you forgot to buy the rest of that skirt.” Ugh. I was disgusting. It was midnight and these girls were definitely NOT of age. I realized that it was Friday night and the Vibe was the only all-ages place. Thinking about it afterwards I should have yelled out the window, how much she cost per hour. She really looked like a hooker. My first comment would likely not offend her all that much, but I think the prostitute comment would hopefully hit her to realize, omg people think I’m a hooker!

I really don’t understand young girls these days. I see so many smoking, wearing the sluttiest clothes (I blame Britney and Christina). Here's another story about stupid girls:

In September, George and I were driving down Landsdowne Street and there were these two girls around 17 driving right beside us. All of a sudden, the one in the passenger seat was rolling down the window with her ass hanging out the window and a camera taking a picture of our faces. I was disgusted. Of course the light turns red and we’re stuck next to them. I yell out the window too them, “how about you get some self respect”. The girl yells back, “you’re just jealous.” LMAO. Right…I’m jealous lol. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good come back to yell back, they kept taking pictures of us until finally we turned off at the Sobey’s.

What is wrong with young people today? Oh god. I’m old. At least, that comment made me feel really old. Even tonight, after seeing prosti-tots going by, there was a party at Aylmer and Sherbrooke and about 40 people outside of the house. People were plastered, people were just pushing each other around and a girl fell over into the street, and hit her head on the pavement. If she would have fallen 3 more feet she would be in the middle of the street and gotten hit by a car. I was just disgusted with my peers that I actually wanted to call the cops. Not just to break up the party but I was genuinely concerned that if there weren’t any sober ppl looking out for others, someone was going to get hurt.

I’m 21 and I want to call the cops on a party….what’s wrong with me? Or am I the problem? Maybe people should just grow up because in my opinion getting smashed (and being hungover) every weekend is not my idea of a good time.


Blogger Humble Beginnings said...


You're getting old.

This is how it starts. It goes down hill from here. No really, by 4th year you'll ever wonder how the 1st years don't manage to kill themselves.

By the time you finish your masters, the undergrads look like kindergarden with alcohol.

By the time you're 30, you wonder why your body is breaking down and when your pension starts.


Sun Aug 06, 06:28:00 PM EDT  

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