Thursday, August 10, 2006

Breastfeeding vs. Breast baring

Are you offended by this photo? Does it make you uncomfortable? Apparently it offended 5,000 people enough for them to write letters to the magazine. I read the article on Sara's blog first before I saw the photo. I was reading what people were saying about it and wondering what the picture looked like. I was disappointed when I saw it. Hell, I saw more breast in a music video and this is natural way to feed your child. I can't understand why anyone would be offended in the 21st century American society.

Readers of a US parenting magazine are crying foul over the publication's latest cover depicting a woman breastfeeding, with some calling the photo offensive and disgusting.

"I was SHOCKED to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine," one woman from Kansas wrote in reaction to the picture in Babytalk, a free magazine that caters to young mothers. "I was offended and it made my husband very uncomfortable when I left the magazine on the coffee table."

Her reaction was part of some 5,000 letters the magazine has received in response to a poll to gage reader sentiment about Babytalk's August cover photo, which shows a baby nursing.

Several readers said they were "embarrassed" or "offended" by the Babytalk photo and one woman from Nevada said she "immediately turned the magazine face down" when she saw the photo.

"Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob," the mother of a four-month-old said.

Another reader said she was "horrified" when she received the magazine and hoped that her husband hadn't laid eyes on it.

"I had to rip off the cover since I didn't want it laying around the house," she said.

A national television program also ran a segment on the controversy, interviewing several people in New York who expressed disgust over the cover photo.
"There is a real puritanical streak in America," Moran told AFP. "You see celebrities practically baring their breasts all the time and no one seems to mind in this sort of sexual context.

"But in this very natural context of feeding your child, a lot of Americans are very uncomfortable with it."

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Blogger No said...

I must admit, that is a really hot shot of my breast.

Thu Aug 10, 08:18:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Kerry said...

Jeez, some people get upset over nothing. It's not hardcore porn or anything...

Fri Aug 11, 12:36:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Humble Beginnings said...

OMG beth.. you get around.

I love the shot personally.. but Spitfire already knew that.. ;)

5000 people are pissed off... in a country of over 300 million can we say VERY small minority. Can't please everyone.. have a nice day... next!

Sat Aug 12, 11:03:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Spitfire said...

At the same time, in the business world, from fast food to department stores, there is a general rule that, that for every person that does a formal complaint there are five that don't, but they've told their friends and family.

I think it's rather rediculous that we see more "offending" things on MTV/Much Music or advertising than in a parenting magazine.

Sun Aug 13, 03:49:00 PM EDT  
Blogger No said...

so..are you calling me a slut?

Sun Aug 13, 07:19:00 PM EDT  
Blogger No said...

sorry...I'd rather be a freak than a slut...I don't's a dilemma...

that really is my breast, though...

I'm a breast model freak slut fan club president.

Sign me,

The Freak

Sat Aug 19, 02:54:00 PM EDT  

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