Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BIZARRE HUMAN CUSTOM: Brand Named Clothing

Tuesday's Bizarre Human Custom section has returned by popular demand

A common element of human culture is the need for clothing. A first the need for clothing was to protect our bodies from the elements: sun, rain, heat, and cold. Modern uses for clothing are more for style and covering parts of the body deemed inappropriate to show to others. Currently, we have industries like fashion that tell us what we should be wearing. A bizarre human custom is brand-name clothing.

Shakespeare once asked, “What is in a name?” According to the fashion industry, a lot. Humans have come to hold great value to names placed on the clothing they wear. We not only pay more money to have a white shirt that has the symbol of this “valued” name, but also we are essentially advertising for the company. Yet, we are the ones who pay for this ‘service’. Yup, that’s one bizarre human custom.


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