Friday, July 21, 2006

Comment on the Evacuation of Canadians from the Middle East

I have taken some time to reflect on the situation in the Middle East. I would like to comment on the alleged "Canadians of Convenience" that have been portrayed in the media.

The media has given a voice to the disgruntled people. You probably have many quotes like this:

Among those waiting, Roy Taffoli, a 60-year-old university professor, said, "This is another human catastrophe. Never mind the Israeli bombs. It's the Lebanese sun that's going to decimate these people. People are going to start falling like flies out here."

(Side Note: Lol it makes me laugh that even in a middle of a crisis, the liberal-left media look for and found a University professor to have their perspective.)

Then we hear completely ungrateful and sickening comments like this:

Meanwhile, planes carrying the first wave of evacuees arrived in Ottawa and Montreal on Friday, and some had harsh words for the government.

"It was inhuman what they did," said Tania Elia, who arrived in Montreal. "People were on the boat, one over each other. People were vomiting."

Another evacuee said she was "ashamed to be Canadian" and regretted the apparently arduous journey.

"If I knew that it was going to be like this, I would have stayed in Lebanon under the bombs," said Roula Karbash. "It would be easier."

Or the people who complain they didn't know what was going on. Doesn't "Need to Know" basis mean anything to you?

[Isreal's] Ambassador Baker refused to go into any detail about possible safe passage travel plans because, he said, Hezbollah "can't be trusted to honour any type of arrangement that would enable safe passage.

"We don't want the Hezbollah to try and provoke some type of event which could jeopardize those arrangements."

Asked if he believes Hezbollah would deliberately target fleeing foreigners to create an international incident, Baker said: "Absolutely."

I would like to question if these negative comments are a true reflection of the people and the situation. I think the media has a lot to do with the tone of the people who are waiting to come to Canada. I believe in the positive heart in people and I also given them the benefit of the doubt of their gratefulness. I'm sure with the heat, lack of food and water and chaos that is going on will make anyone cranky and you'll want to voice your complaint if given a microphone. Call me naive, but I truly think that these people on the ships and planes on their way to Canada (note I do not say 'home') are grateful that they were evacuated

It is a fact that our media has a left slant, but I question if people are truly that ungrateful, or if the media is doing. Sure there are a few ungrateful. But I wonder if the media is looking for all the negative stories because it sells better and it makes Harper look bad, even if he's doing absolutely everything he can possibly do. I think the media is giving a real disservice to Lebanese people for portraying them as whiners and complainers. I believe this isn't how these people feel. When I turn on blogs or listen to radio shows there are many many people who call in with family overseas who profusely commend and thank the government.

I find it disgusting the way politics are being played in a crisis situation like this. The Opposition gLiberals point their finger and criticize the Conservatives that the evacuation isn't moving fast enough, but don't turn the finger they are pointing on themselves for the years and years of hallowing out of the military equipment. What more are you to expects? Our ships and submarines sink or catch on fire and our helicopters crash. We don't have our own equipment we have to get loaners from other countries.

Although this should reflect positively on the Prime Minister, I'm sure a part of it IS a photo opportunity, but Stephen Harper isn't an evil man, and it annoys the hell out of me when the media or opposition parties don't give credit when credit is due.

Take a Look at this Globe and Mail poll:

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What more could have Harper done? For Canada we have the most citizens there (>40,000), we're the furthest away and we have ZERO equipment (thanks to the past Liberal governments who hallowed out our military and left us with no (working) ships, helicopters etc....

I wonder what this poll would look like if the media was full of all the positive stories, reunions and incredible things the government has done with very little time, organization and logistical equipment.


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