Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why Doesn't Money Help?

I just read a really good post over at Dust My Broom. Darcey starts with quoting the Toronto Sun and continues with his own commentary and experiences.

Not All Aboriginals Live in a Marxist Paradise

Larrie Goldstein asks in today’s Toronto Sun - Why, no matter who’s in charge, does nothing ever get better for aboriginals?:

All in, Canadians spend through their federal, provincial and municipal governments more than $10 billion a year on Canada’s aboriginal people.

All in, there are about 1.3 million aboriginals.

So all in, Canadians are spending more than $7,500 per aboriginal per year or over $30,000 for a family of four.

That’s almost half what the average Canadian family earns in a year. So why isn’t it making the lives of aboriginal Canadians any better? Where’s all that money going?

Why are so many reserves locked in third-world conditions decade after decade when it comes to such basic needs as safe drinking water, decent housing, schools and health care?

Why are crime, suicide and addiction so rampant? What about the 70% of aboriginals who live off the reserves? How can $7,500 per person per year be doing so little to help them?

Clearly, the major problem is the distribution system for all this cash, a huge government bureaucracy — both native and non-native — that stands between every aboriginal and that $7,500 a year. Eighty per cent of the money the federal Department of Indian Affairs spends on aboriginals is transferred not to individuals, but to native bands where it is then disbursed through local chiefs and band councils.
Good points. Let’s look at a brief native hierarchy today -> Mr. Terry Nelson, chief of the Roseau River First Nation is currently leading the charge for new blockades in Manitoba because he feels his community is not being treated fairly by Canada - Has withheld welfare payments from people who report his corruption and withheld education allowance from people who live off reserve….

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