Thursday, June 08, 2006

Water Cooler Chat

In the past week or so you have likely overheard at least one person or groups of people discussing the terror related arrests. One of my favourite bloggers, Nicol, over at The War Room, has finally got a new post up! He's used his famous 'under cover agent' to obtain this recorded transmission ;)

MANDY: Omigod! I am so sorry to hear about the terrorist threats.

KHALID: Me too.

MANDY: Do you feel threatened by the backlash?

KHALID: No. Not really.

MANDY: But what about the racist attack on the mosque?

KHALID: The media are saying otherwise but the truth is; we do not know who vandalized the mosque or why.

MANDY: Probably some right wing bigot. Nazi’s! Fascists! Zut alors!

You must read the rest!


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