Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ring Tones That Adults Can't Hear?

I heard this news bit this morning and checked it out:

When it came out in Britain in December, the Mosquito sound system was supposed to be the sonic equivalent of a "no loitering" sign. Its annoying, high-pitched sound --which many adults can't hear but most young people can -- would act as a teen repellent.

Now, teens are staging a worldwide rebellion: Downloading the sound, or another ring tone in that same high-frequency range, allows them to hear their cellphones ring when their parents and teachers (mostly) cannot.

And the company that brought the Mosquito to market -- Compound Security Systems Ltd. of Britain -- is being barraged by a new market of companies wanting to sell a line of subversive ring tones.

I was really skeptical when I heard about this. It couldn't be true! So I googled around to see if I could find a sample of the ring tone.

I clicked this website to find the ring tone. Just click on the speaker to have a listen.

I could hear it. I called my parents into the room and they could hear it too. Although my sample size is only 3, I really think it's a scam.


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