Sunday, June 11, 2006

Old News: Everything will give you Cancer

I found this article extremely irritating.

Cancer-causing agents found in everyday items, says expert

Before I even talk about the article, the title deserves some examination. We really didn't need an "expert" to tell us this. I could have told you that. Would you have believed me? Perhaps not. We need "experts". We trust our "experts". Also, aside from genetics and smoking, we do not know the cause of a vast majority of cancers, therefore it's easy to blame "everyday items".

Dr. Samuel Epstein, who teaches environmental and occupational medicine at the University of Illinois, says many household products are cancer-causing yet consumers don't get the full message from authorities.

It's time to take a different tack, the emeritus professor told an environmental conference on Saturday: Forget the feds, forget the Canadian and American Cancer Societies, and take a trip to your local city or town council.

Epstein said Canadian and U.S. federal governments have ignored many of the dangers of cancer-causing agents in homes and businesses.

Instead, he said, the community needs to rally around a call for safer products, and municipalities are the likeliest path to laws that will protect us.

-Milk, in his view. Canada banned using growth hormones in dairy cows in 1999, he noted. But we have harmonized our regulations with those of the United States, allowing U.S. milk into Canada. And American dairy farmers can use growth hormones.

Such hormone treatments may allow some of the drug itself to enter the milk, he said. But it also tends to cause ill effects in the cattle, which then need more antibiotics drugs that can also enter the milk.

"Apart from all the other crap in milk, you'll find opus cells and antibiotics," he said.

He said the combination raises the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancers

-Soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. Consumers aren't told what's in their favourite soaps, makeup and perfumes, he said. Yet with scented products, "a very significant percentage contain allergens."

Other products in many cosmetics are either cancer-causing in themselves, or break down into formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen, he said.

"To the overwhelming majority of the Canadian public this will mean nothing at all" because there's no labeling of the ingredients or their dangers on these products, he said.

He called cosmetics "a witches' brew of carcinogens and hormonal agents."

(emphasis mine)

Our "expert" seems unable to find other words than "crap" and "witches' brew". And he wants us to contact our municipality? LOL!

I'm not about to change my lifestyle or diet because I could get cancer from my deodorant, milk or make-up. Also I'm not about to pay 3 times the amount for meat or produce just because it's "organic". After all, George Burns lived to 100 while he drank and smoke every day and Linda McCartney died of breast cancer and she was a vegetarian.


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