Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh Microsoft, How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways....

Yeah, so the new Windows Operating System is coming out next year! Are you ready for the switch? Are you counting down the days?

I sure am not.

Is it because I don't like change? Who really likes change when it comes to technology (other than those geeky-types who can't wait to upgrade even if the old one still works fine). I'm very much of the opinion, "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" I like XP, I don't plan on changing unless I must (and if I can get Vista for free lol)

Anyway, I happened upon an article that tells you 10 things you love/hate about the new OS.

The decision for some home and small-business users to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista once it becomes available in early 2007 will depend largely on what the new operating system can do for you and what hardware you have to run it on. Microsoft has prepared a Get Ready page listing the hardware required to run Windows Vista, and for Windows Vista beta 2 there's a public download available now. It's still early, and Microsoft could easily change aspects of individual features between now and the final release. But based on what I've seen after living with Windows Vista beta 2 for a week, here are five things I think you'll like about the new operating system--some of which might persuade certain fence-sitters to upgrade--and five things that may convince others to stick with Windows XP for a few more years.

Click to read the five things you'll love and the five things you'll hate.


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