Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Odd Couple

I read this article about a married couple who have separate apartments. At first I thought that it was crazy, but after reading the article it definitely made sense. Plus since they are two doors down from each other they aren't too far apart.

Plus there’s the matter of household neatness. I’ve been known to burst into a cleaning frenzy if yesterday’s newspaper is left spread across the coffee table. Her apartment is littered with two-year-old phone bills. If the yogurt in my refrigerator is a couple of days past its expiration date, it goes straight into the trash. Her freezer still houses the complimentary ham the grocery store gave her for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving 2003.
Instead of becoming the social pariahs I feared, I suspect Lauren and I may in fact be the vanguard of a new social movement and one day our arrangement will be considered unremarkable. It wasn’t so long ago that an unmarried man and woman living together in the same apartment was a social scandal; why should a married couple living in two apartments rate a second thought? After all, when Lauren and I got married we promised to share our life and our love. We never said anything about sharing our bathrooms.

An interesting idea. I'm sure they have less fights over dishes, toilet seats and dirty socks. I think one of the most important aspects of a marriage is learning how to live together, how to compromise, how to give sacrifices and not always get your way. But if most couples that have this arrangement do not divorce, then perhaps it is something to be taken seriously.


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