Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Moral dilemma

For Christmas last year George gave me a jewelry box. I picked it out from Reed & Barton. We ordered it in early December through a third party company. They promised it would be here by Christmas. On December 23rd the doorbell rang. I ran to the door to answer it. There it was. My Christmas present in a box! I ripped it open. But to my demise, it was not the one I had picked out. Instead, it was an even more expensive one, one that I had picked out as a 'maybe' but deemed it to be too expensive and that I didn't need one that big.

I called the company right away to let them know of their mistake. I was pretty disappointed because I wouldn't have my present in time. I ended up getting someone else's box, so they likely got mine. He contacted the manufacturer and said he would try his best to get the correct one to me in time for Christmas. The next day was Christmas eve, and the doorbell rang that morning and I received the correct jewelry box in time for Christmas.

Here's my moral dilemma. It's June, and the first Jewelry Box is still sitting in my living room, all boxed and taped up ready to go. I've contact the third party seller at least five times since Christmas telling him that UPS still has not come by to pick it up. He said that someone would mail me a sticker to just stick it on, so that I would not pay to sending it back. Still, nothing.

Do I call again? Do I keep the jewelry box? I don't really need it, but it is beautiful, and is one of the most expensive ones! Do I call and offer to pay half for it? I wouldn't mind keeping it for a family heirloom or giving it to my future daughter. I've called this guy five times telling him I still have it. He tells me that he will contact UPS again, but nothing ever happens.

What do you think I should do?

I thought out posting about this when I read something over at Dust my Broom.


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