Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to wish Nicol at The War Room a happy 1 year anniversary of his blog. If you haven't read or heard about The War Room I will tell you a little about it.

The blogging format is unique and creative. The War Room has 'Dossiers' which examine certain issues such as religion, education, and film. There are also 'Quick Dispatches' which are just shorter comments on issues. Then my favourite section is the 'Trasmission Behind Enemy Lines', where there is a conversation often between a child and an adult talking about issues about Toronto, same-sex marriage, and multiculturalism. Lately he has strayed from this format, but always offers insightful, informed opinions on current issues.

I found my way upon Nicol's blog last summer and really liked what he had to say in the first few Dossiers about education. It really made my re-examine my personal and political beliefs and why I believed in the left-wing philosophy. Over the summer I began to blog on my own at Live Journal and truly re-evaluated why I believe what think on many issues. Why did I not like Stephen Harper? Why was I never going to vote for the Conservative?

I am happy to report that after inner reflection in what I truly believe. I realized that I agreed with many of these Conservatives/conservatives. Although many people believe that I have "changed" in the past year because of my boyfriend (who is a strong conservative) but truly, I voted/believe in conservative values after reading many blogs and realizing that I agree with how they see things.

So here I am today. I've recently made the switch from Live Journal to Blogger, and so goes the next chapter in my life. Thanks to The War Room and other blogs I learned more about myself.

Keep up the great posts Nicol.


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