Friday, June 02, 2006


I wrote this post a few months ago.

You're having a dinner party. You can invite anyone in the world, dead or alive, from any point in history, and you may bring any amount of ppl. Who would you bring. Think about it and write about who and why. Here's my guest list:

So the hors d'oeuvres are in the oven (homemade by me of course), the door bell is ringing and enter my dinner party guests. Among those first to arrive are my paternal grandparents. They died when I saw very young. My papa had cancer and passed away, and my nana died two days later of a broken heart. I vaguely remember them, so I would like them at the dinner party.

Second to arrive is Jesus Christ, I would like him to clarify many things for me. Among them religion and spiritual beliefs. I am still a confused soul.

Third to arrive is Princess Diana. She died before her time, and I think she was an example of greatness with having the ability to step outside the box and redefining the role of royalty.

Fourth guest is Oprah Winfrey. I love her show, and I think she the prime example of rags to riches. She gives a voice to those who do not have the ability to speak and she does great things.

My next guest is Helen Keller. I think she is an incredible woman who would offer so much and how she overcame the most difficult disability of which i can think. On the same page is Terry Fox, my next guest.

For entertainment I invite the entire Rat Pack! Dean being my favourite of course.

Next would be Albert Einstein. I would like to learn more about him and the incredible contributions he made to science (even though I don't understand it)

Next on my guest list would be William Shakespeare. I think he would be a memorable guest.

Next would be Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. both made excellent contributions, one in religion and the other in civil rights, in their eras.

Next, Joan or Arc, I really want to know if she heard the voice of God. Next guest, Mother Theresa, I was someone to teach me the kindness, compassion and patients she had.

Also I want to invite people who would be able to answer the mysteries for me ie) Stonehenge, Pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle.

Lastly I would invite my boyfriend George and my closest friends, Jenn, Jane and Hodon, because nothing's better than having a great time with friends.

Alright so that's my guest list. What about yours?


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