Thursday, June 29, 2006

Crisis Over But I'm Not Ready To Make Nice

The Crisis at work is over. In the past three days I have learned:

- Never EVER work with friends, or you may lose them, as I did

+ True friends come through for you when you need them the most (Thanks Sunny D and Ashley)

+ I can handle the stress of having a lot to do in a short period of time. I managed to do 3 weeks of work in less than 3 days.

+ I'm a great multitaskter and super organized that it would make Monica Geller jealous :p

- I hate being lost (ie. driving directions) and can lose my temper

+ My relationship with George has gotten stronger with him helping me control the firebomb that erupted Sunday. We make a great team and pair. :-) <3

+- Doing 18 hour days and 6 hours of sleep will make you have more 'stupid moments'. And long after you think you can't go on, somehow your brain turns on, adreneline kicks in and you can go go go!

+ I can handle any challenge put in my way and that this one didn't test my limits enough.


So this adds up to a great pat on the back from bosses, big hugs and kisses to George and minus one "friend". I gained more than I lost and I'm looking forward to the summer. My exchange students arrive on Friday night!!!

My plane for my business trip leaves in 5 1/2 hours....I should pack...


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