Friday, June 16, 2006

Cars and Free Trade

You may have heard about the hooplah protesting against free trade with Korea. The CAW has a ditty in their Take Action Campaign:

No Free Trade with Korea

The federal government has initiated free trade negotiations with South Korea, and those talks are proceeding rapidly. Three top-level negotiating sessions have been held. It is possible that the two parties could reach a comprehensive free trade agreement by the fall of 2006.

A free trade deal with Korea poses substantial economic risks to Canada. Many important Canadian industries would suffer tremendous damage if Korean-based producers are allowed more freedom to penetrate Canadian markets: auto; auto parts; shipbuilding; electrical and electronics products; machinery; tool, die and mold industries; food processing; and other sectors. Canada's bilateral trade deficit with Korea is already $4 billion, resulting in the destruction of some 15,000 jobs. This pain would inevitably get worse under a free trade deal with Korea.

A free trade agreement with Korea can be stopped, if concerned Canadians work together.

Join the CAW campaign to stop the deal. Below, you can download information to share with co-workers, family and friends – and you can send a pre-written e-mail to Stephen Harper, with a copy to your MP

The problem is, North American cars SUCK!! Not only do North American companies make bad cars, they are also the cars that are the most stolen! I read this article in the London Free Press today in which the police names the top 10 cars stolen in London:


1. Chrysler Neon

2. Chrysler Intrepid

3. Dodge Caravan

4. Plymouth Voyager

5. Honda Accord

6. GMC Sierra

7. Jeep Cherokee

8. Chevy S10 pickup

9. Chevy Cavalier

10. Pontiac Sunbird

As you can see, all but one are North American cars! And we all know that Honda is favourable among youth as a status car. My mom has a Cavalier and she never locks her car, but I always do when I'm driving it. My boyfriend has a Hyundai and he loves it. Not only is it incredibly efficient on gas, as you can see, he doesn't have to worry that it will be stolen! Yes there are economic implications to Canada, but as a free market society works, the best product will survive, and a crappy product will die. Plus the different between a Ford Focus and a Hyundai Accent will be about $3000! Shouldn't it be that domestic cars are cheaper?


Blogger Peter Rempel said...

Yah, my Neon was stolen here in Vancouver. The bright side is that whenever I lock my keys inside the car, it takes about two minutes to break in.

Sat Jun 17, 09:33:00 PM EDT  

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