Sunday, June 11, 2006

Buzz "Take your pill woman!"

I, like a vast majority of women are taking oral contraceptive pills. I have a pretty good reminder system. Alarm goes off at 10pm and George takes the responsibility to remind me, or to make sure I have taken it.

I am surprised that an invention like this has not already been invented or on the market!

An electronic device which reminds women whether or not they have taken their daily contraceptive pill has been designed by a university student. Lai Chiu Tang, a student at London's Brunel University, hopes her design could help cut unwanted pregnancies.

The 'Remember' device also advises users what to do if they have forgotten to take their pill. It continually predicts the user's current level of protection and glows red if it is too low. The pill is more than 99% effective against pregnancies, but research suggests 70% of women forget to take one a month, and 10% forget it at least four times.


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