Monday, June 12, 2006

19% of Canadians Find Pedophilia Moral.

No this wasn't the headline in the Globe and Mail article, nor was this directly stated. However, this was:

Not surprisingly, pedophilia was ranked the most unforgivable behaviour, considered immoral by 81 per cent of respondents.

And therefore 19 per cent would find pedophilia moral? Of course I'm drawing a presumptious conclusion. But it is a little disturbing. 1 in 5 seem ok with pedophilia! Wow. In Canada. In our cities. Soldiers with guns Men with pictures of children. Forget the gun registry.

I really would like to have the breakdown of this study/poll. As a sociology student I am SUPER critical of the constant polls conducted on issues. I want to know what questions were asked, the wording of these questions.

I am also greatly concerned with the polls conclusions: Men more tolerant than women, poll indicates.

How do you define tolerance? Showing respect for the rights/opinions/practices of others? There is a difference when you're "rights" and "practices" affect others. When it comes to abortion, pedophilia, prostitution etc... There are at least two parties involved many who are subject to abuse. Even divorce, if there are children involved, there is more than just the couple splitting.

Although we live in a free country, and society, and I do value our freedoms, I don't see the need to endorse or incourage abortion, divorce, alcoholism, prostitution etc... If we as a society are more "tolerant" of it, it becomes acceptable and normal. I don't see why the behaviour of pedophies should EVER be tolerated. If you've been watching the media/news or recent court cases there have been many instances recently where pedophiles have received easy sentences. One case in the US recently was about a convicted sex offender and the judge did not give him any jail time because SHE believed at 5'1", he was too short for jail.

I remember from my law class back in high school that that there is a hierarchy in jail and child molestors are the lowest on the pole. Therefore this judge's ruling is rediculous.

And if you think that's bad:

Another judge (female), this time in Quebec rules that a pedophile's sentence too harsh.

I guess I'm an intolerant bigot then, because I believe these pedophiles should be locked away and throw away the key. SOOO many of these creeps and lowlifes reoffend. There hasn't been any proof that you can be rehabilitated from being a sex offender.

As a society we should not tolerant this behaviour EVER. And giving these lighter sentences does not give a message that we object to pedophila.

So let me get this straight. If I object or look down up those who choose to prostitute their bodies for sex, sexual assault children, or kill their unborn baby, I'm the intolerant one?

Got it? Class Dismissed!

Remember it's good to be open minded, but not so open minded that your brain falls out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe the judges were in the 19%

Tue Jun 13, 10:01:00 PM EDT  

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