Monday, May 29, 2006

Why I'm Glad I Don't Live in Toronto Reason # 32556

So about 700,000 people who rely on the TTC are stranded today because of an illegal strike by TTC maintenance workers! Lol I can just imagine people on their cell phones scrabbling to call neighbours and coworkers for a ride! And this is just one more reason why I'm glad I don't live in Toronto!

Hundreds of thousands of Toronto commuters were left scrambling Monday morning when a labour dispute with maintenance workers brought transit services in Canada's biggest city to a halt.

The Toronto Transit Commission said it has cancelled morning subway, streetcar and bus service because picket lines prevented employees from entering TTC garages.

A message on the service's Web site announced simply: “No TTC Service today.”

More than 700,000 people rely on the service each day. The disruption caught many by surprise. Even after news of the wildcat strike spread, commuters approached the doors of downtown subway stations, only to find them locked. Cab companies were reporting at least one-hour waits for taxis.

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