Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Politically Correctness May Kill Us

I am actually not surprised about the CSIS annoucement yesterday.

About 90 per cent of immigration applicants from Pakistan and Afghanistan -- hotbeds for Islamic fundamentalism and central in the fight against terrorism -- haven't been adequately screened for security concerns over the past five years, Canada's spy agency said yesterday. The No. 2 man at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said his organization simply doesn't have the resources necessary to do all the security checks it would like.

Unfortunately in Canada, politically correctness has gone too far. Even though a large number of extremist Islamic terrorists come from nations in the middle east, we don't dare single these nations out, because it's 'racist'.

It makes so sense to me though. If I am a detective, and my suspect is a red head, to find my suspect I am going to stop all the red heads (whether they range from strawberry blonds to auburns).

But at the same time:

[...]In addition, non-traditional adherents to Islamist extremism are making the switch. "We have cases of white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants converting to the most radical forms of Islam," he said. "These are people who blend in with us and our neighbours." [...]

Terrorist can be any gender, nationality, and ethnicity. Therefore 100 per cent of immigrants should have security checks no matter if they are from England or Iraq. No exceptions. If we do not have the resources to do ALL of the security checks, then we can't take in 300,000 immigrants. Canada has a quota system of the number of immigrants we have to take in, but if we can't do the proper checks on everyone, then we take meet our quota.

I think 300,000 is a good target. Since Canadian-borns are not repopulating at a rate to keep our country going we need immigration. I am proud that I live in a nation that takes in people froma around the world who want a new life and want to contribute to our nation and build for a great future.

However, we cannot be naive.

Some may say that CSIS is just fear-mongering and such, however, if a person really think that there aren't any terrorists cells in Canada, then this person is also an issue. Ignorance is bliss until your city is bombed.

Until we have the resources to ensure that similar domestic terrorism such as the London bombings, won't happen we need to reevaluate our immigration policies and procedures. I sure hope that these security measures are not delegated to local police forces as one man suggested on CFRA this morning.

So who is responsible for the lax security checks? But if the last federal government did not do anything about it, then I hope that Stephen Harper steps up to the plate! Of course though this will reflect poorly on the Conservatives because they will be seen as anti-immigrant.


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